This is the BioHack Academy documentation site of “KOMBUCH.ar/nl.GENOMICS” a nomadic version of KOMBUCHA GENOMICS ARGENTINA that has migrated temporarely to the BioHack Academy at the WAAG Society in Amsterdam, to set the necessary open hardware devices for making the project and to following the protocol for the biomolecular study of kombucha.

Kombucha Genomics Argentina is the local version of the main KOMBUCHA GENOMICS project in my country where the need of a physical space and equipment is one of the very first challenges to overcome. The project implies the support of a growing community of bio enthusiasts, to make our own hardware using openhardware tools and working in biosafety conditions. After that the idea is to repeat the protocol, with special emphasis in the research on the kombucha leather and in the development and set of the protocol for teaching.

The work in progress of this project will be reflected in this repository. The main page contains general Information, including comments and exchanges between the different communities working on this project. The documentation section will offer a weekly technical update of the project, including hardware, code, wetlab technics.